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Red marks direct your team to maximize test coverage.

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Instantly and effortlessly measure, monitor, and boost your test team's effectiveness.

Headlamp is the world's first autonomous test management system.

Introducing Headlamp

Record and analyze your test effort!

Use Headlamp to:
  • Boost your team's productivity.
  • Automatically direct testers for maximum coverage.
  • Reveal gaps in your test automation.
  • Monitor and measure test activity.

What people are saying

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Headlamp is augmented reality for testers.

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James Bach
World-Renowned Test Expert,
Author, Trainer, Consultant, and
Creator of Rapid Software Testing

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Kirk Haselden
Director of Enterprise Software Development at Blackbaud,  Former Principal Product Unit Manager at Microsoft,  and Author of SQL Server Integration Services 2008 Unleashed

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My new test team started this morning. With no prep work, Headlamp was able to get them collaborating and finding bugs for me while I slept. Thanks, Headlamp!

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Test Manager

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Headlamp is like having a second manager on the team. It provides us with constant guidance in our day-to-day work so our manager can focus on other tasks.

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Software Tester

Feature Highlights

Effortless Collaboration

As your team progresses, Headlamp shows what has and hasn't been tested, so the team quickly fills gaps.


Automation Gap Analysis

Headlamp shows where your test automation is missing testable elements.


Headlamp provides insightful charts, giving you a top-level view of your team's efforts.

Fast Setup

Headlamp installs in seconds. Get results on Day 1!

Our plans

Features Free Enterprise
Public Projects Yes Yes
Private Projects - Yes
1-Day Dashboard Yes Yes
30-Day Dashboard - Yes
Support Community Yes Yes
Direct Support - Yes
Cost $0 US$50/Month

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