headlamp is the
"augmented reality"
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Follow the dots to find more bugs.

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how it works

Turn on Headlamp. Test your app.
Discover what you've missed.



Launch Chrome and browse to your web app.



Open Headlamp from the Chrome extensions menu and hit the Start button. Headlamp puts red dots next to all the links, input elements, and buttons.



When you click, type, or change something, the corresponding red dot disappears.



The remaining red dots show what elements your manual (or automated!) tests missed. View the reports to see what pages need more testing.

get agile

Testing iterations gets challenging when there's little or no documentation about new features. Headlamp helps Agile teams by shining a bright light on every additional testable element as soon as it shows up in the build.


Got a tight deadline? Headlamp's TEAM edition lets you collaborate with your entire test team and quickly cover the entire app.

Headlamp lights the way to untested parts of your app so everyone can lend a helping hand.

boost your test automation

Headlamp isn't just for manual testing! Use it to find the holes in your automated tests.
Headlamp works with the most popular test automation frameworks, including

Playwright, Selenium, and Puppeteer.

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Dr. James Whittaker

Whoa, that's f*cking genius!

Dr. James Whittaker
Distinguished Engineer & Tech Evangelist, Speaker,
and Author of "How Google Tests Software"
James Bach

Headlamp is augmented reality for testers.

James Bach
World-Renowned Test Expert, Author, Trainer, Consultant, and Creator of Rapid Software Testing


Kirk Haselden
Director of Enterprise Software Development at Blackbaud, Former Principal Product Unit Manager at Microsoft, and Author of SQL Server Integration Services Unleashed

5 Stars! Very useful and practical tool for website testing. I'm using Headlamp to make sure my automated tests are providing good coverage.

Fergal Crawley
Certified Security and Software Test Consultant at CelticQA Solutions

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